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The FurFresh Spa Brush

The FurFresh Spa Brush

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Dual-purpose design: Combines the benefits of a silicone brush and a shampoo dispenser in one convenient tool.

Superior cleaning: Effectively removes dirt, debris, and loose fur from your dog's coat, leaving it clean and fresh.

Time-saving solution: Simplifies the grooming process by eliminating the need for separate brushing and shampooing steps, making it quick and efficient.


(Only the colour yellow is available at the moment, other colours will be in-stock at a future date, thank you for you patience) 

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Effective results! Better than any other product.

When it comes to cleaning up after your fuzy friends, we know it can require much effort and time, Save time and energy with our patented product so that you can go back to loving your pets.

So much Hair!

This is the result of one of our costumers using our product for the first time, Catherine here used our product for the first time on her cats, and just look at how much shedding hair she found!

Why is our product so good?

Pet-Friendly Design: The best grooming devices prioritize pet safety and comfort. Our Products feature soft plastic tips to minimize any discomfort or anxiety your pet may feel during the grooming process.

Quick and Convenient: With the DeShed Pro, cleaning up after your pets becomes a breeze. Its easy application and saves you time and effort.

Ease of Use: A user-friendly grooming device is designed with soft plastic tips and ergonomic handles, making it easy to maneuver and operate. This ensures a smooth grooming experience for both you and your pet.

  • Easy to Use

  • Travel Size

  • Save Time.